Danses 2015 -2016

Danses apprises depuis  la rentrée de septembre 2015                                                               



Foxy girl

heyday tonight

san antonio stroll

coca cowboy

the galway gathering 

cowboy girl


American land

Million dollars

Rock n 'celtic

Cowboy madison 

Sunday driver

Golden Wedding Ring

The Harvester 



Just a girl                                                                                                                           

Such a fool


now i do

pot of gold

sherif on fire

City light     

Harlem blues

Keep Cool 

Honey i 'm good

Love you forever

Like a rose

Million Dollars

Rodéo Polka

That don't impress me much

Jet black  pontiac

Celtic nala

Lay Low

Country Roads 

Run is the reason





Intermédiaires avancés      


Last cow boy

Kiss my country

Angel in Blue Jeans

greather than me

Petit tiago

Corn dont' t Grow

Sweet Dummy

We only live once

Old beach roller coaster

Hey o

Walking on the wave ( Audrey Watson )

Tomorrow never comes

Bring down the house

South Australia

Just girl

Little red wagon

Tree Day Road

To be in love

Nothing for something




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